Products in Stock November 2019

Laughing Buddah Large 33cm high 30

Komodo Dragon 1m long Awesome 150

Cat 30cm high 20

Cat 30cm high 20

Cat 30cm high 20

Cat 15cm high x 23cm long 20

Small Cats 15cm long 10

Owls 5/6/7 set of 3 10cm/12cm/15cm High 12

Gopher 15cm High 7

Ram 15cm High 7

Cockatiel 20cm High from 7

Elephant Mother & Baby 23cm high x 25cm long 25

Elephant Trunk up 25cm high 25

Bear 25cm long 30

Owl Relief 15cm high 12

Mushrooms small 15cm High 12

Mushrooms 4/5/6 set of 3 12 10cm/15cm/20cm High

Cat Tail up 25cm high 20

Reclaimed Teak Abstract from 15

Small Laughing Buddah 11cm High x 11cm wide 12

Abstracts from 15

Big Hippo 30cm long 30

Baby Hippos 10cm long 12

Duck 50cm high 15

Medium Tortoise 20cm long 15

Squirrel special 15cm high 12

Bowl 25cm diameter x 14cm High 10 or a special 2 for 15

3 Wise Monkeys 15 10cm High x 7cm Wide each monkey

Lizard on Reclaimed wood 15cm long 7

Lizard on Reclaimed wood 15cm long 7

Lizard on Reclaimed wood 15cm long 7

Drum 10

Seahorse 17cm Tall 8

Cat curled up 10cm Diameter 7

African bird 18cm Tall 7

Grass hopper 10cm diameter 7

Seal 10cm diameter 7

Small Eagle 7

Small Cat 15cm high 10

Duckling 16cm high 10

Duckling 16cm high x 23 cm long 10

Small Cat 15cm long 10

Reclaimed teak boxes 12 cm wide x 10cm deep 10 each

Lizards small special 10

Baby Iguana 20cm long 15

Owls 8cm/11cm/14cm High 5/6/7

50cm long Komodo Dragon 40

50cm long Iguana 45

Small Fish 15cm high x 17cm long 7

Baby Tortoises 10cm long 8 each

Eagle 50cm high 80

Horse Head 50cm tall 50

Baby Turtles 13cm long 10 each

Cockerals 8 each

Dragon from 15cm wide x 17cm high 35

Giraffe 30cm 10/ 40cm 12

Coiled Snake 20cm High 30

Walking Snake 30cm Long 30

Dragon on Log 25

Cats 25cm high 12

Friendship Cats 3 per pack 8cm wide x 10cm High

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